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Central Texas Trails and Firebreaks Before
Central Texas Trails and Firebreaks Before

Trails and Firebreaks

Undergrowth has not only reduced habitat and plant diversity throughout central Texas, but has severely impacted animal and human mobility. We are able to efficiently create trails that can double as firebreaks and have been recommended by Texas Parks and Wildlife for establishing corridors for deer movement. On property that has dense undergrowth, creating corridors between areas of forage can significantly decrease stress and benefit deer populations. With no or minimal alteration, depending on topography and plant species, trails can be created for walking or driving. Click here to see images related to trail building. Consulting We offer consulting services for land management, providing a clear five point assessment of the land’s current condition and plans for increasing the productivity of your land. For wildlife management plans, we recommend several organizations.


Before: Heavy undergrowth on a property near Bastrop restricts movement for people and animals. Dense undergrowth is comprised mostly of yaupon and green briar in bottomland hardwoods.

After: The mulched surface allows unimpeded walking. There is minimal soil compression and disturbance, so adjacent trees are not threatened. We can process down to two inches below the surface for building firebreaks.



About Carl Brockman

An Austin native, Carl Brockman is passionate about preserving the natural landscape of Texas. Carl is an ISA Certified Arborist, formally trained in prescribed burn management and in wildland firefighting, educated in wildlife management, and has more than twenty years experience helping landowners realize their properties’ potential. Through Carl’s experience and vision, Natural Texas has the ability to increase the productivity of your land, as well as its value.


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