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Cedar Removal Using a Rayco Forestry Mulcher (Mower)

Rayco Forestry mulcher is a purpose-built machine designed to work in the woods day in and day out clearing trees and brush. These mulchers are suited for clearing small trees, underbrush, and a variety of unwanted vegetation over a wide range of ground conditions. The mulch created from removing brush and trees, left onsite. The mulch will help hold the ground soil in place during rains preventing unwanted and damaging soil erosion and creating needed ground cover. The layer of mulch also retains moisture and improves soil quality, promoting the germination of native grasses. 

About Carl Brockman

An Austin native, Carl Brockman is passionate about preserving the natural landscape of Texas. Carl is an ISA Certified Arborist, formally trained in prescribed burn management and in wildland firefighting, educated in wildlife management, and has more than twenty years experience helping landowners realize their properties’ potential. Through Carl’s experience and vision, Natural Texas has the ability to increase the productivity of your land, as well as its value.


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